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Mywapblog | 5 easy steps to make a blog on mywapblog [dot] com

How to create a blog on blogspot [Dot] Com: Hi buddy, this discussion is how to create free blogs mywapblog version that can be used in hp / mobile or pc, Mywapblog.com? Yup, definitely all of them already know him, right? Mywapblog is one site that offers a free wapsite creation (FREE). As for the features offered by Mywapblog namely:

~ Ease-of-use and FULL management from mobile

~ Unlimited file uploads

~ Desktop version of your mobile blog

And much more. For this time, I will give tutorials on how to create wapsite Mywapblog. For those who do not know how, please follow the steps below:

+ First, visit the site beforehand Mywapblog in http:// mywapblog.com

+ After that click on Register
If so, then the data will appear like this: »Username: fill in your name» Change Domain: select the subdomain you want »Password: enter your password» Re-Type Password: enter your password again »Your Name: fill in your name If all the data already filled in, just click Register Later or you'll be asked to complete the data again. Fill all with complete data including email addresses

+ Once data is completed, click Save

+ Later Mywapblog party will send you an activation email. Please check your email inbox, then click the link listed there

+ And the blog was already active.

Wordpress | 4 simple steps started a blog on wordpress [dot] com

How to create a blog on blogspot [Dot] Com: Earlier I explained how and tips to create a free blog. But the blog I have described is more focus on blogspot. This time I will explain briefly how to create a wordpress blog. How to make it easy and practical. Free and clear. As we know that there are two kinds of wordpress blog. There are free and some paid. Blog that you are enjoying (read my point) is a paid wordpress blog. I have to pay an annual fee for a domain that I have and I also have to pay for hosting my rent. So why do I put PPC ads and banner ad sponsors? That was. In order for Web Blogging Tips to survive and exist on the internet. And last but not least is that I can still share and see you all on the internet. Glad it could give the sciences to the fellow in the whole archipelago. Although frankly, the science is still small, but at least provide the knowledge for others is a pleasure in it self. Back on a free wordpress blog. Although free if managed properly, updated with information on a regular basis, then the blog will become popular and much in demand.

Creating a wordpress blog for free of course very easy. In accordance with the title of this article "Practical Ways to Create a WordPress Blog". Because it makes it very easy wordpress blog. As easy as turning the palm of the hand. Even easier than digging in the fields. There is a friend said, I do not know a blog. It's hard right. My heart says: what's so difficult. capital not only the will, have an email address, yes quite. Except can not write and read. If the two can not, then it can not create a blog. He he he. Okay, we move on How to Create a WordPress Blog. Here's an easy way to create a blog in WordPress:

1. Please open your web wordpress in http://id.wordpress.com This version of Indonesia. If you open http://wordpress.com then that will open the Classic version. Just choose it. But since I am a native Indonesia, so I justuse this tutorial with the Indonesian language.

2. Click the Register Now button and it will come out the form to register. Above it reads: Have a WordPress.com account in seconds! View images

3. Fill out all forms that are available as follow
• Blog address, Fill with your blog address you want for example: TheOkeBlog Subject to availability. If the address you write has not taken anyone else, it will display a notice that the address of the blog is still available.
• User Name: Automatically after you insert blog address above then it will be a User Name
• Password: is a series of secret word that only you know. Make it as unique as possible in order to secure from theft of passwords / password
• Confirmation: Please type the password / password that you created earlier.
• E-mail Address: Fill in your email address is valid aleas not play play. If False then the address will get yelled Ayu ... Ting Ting. Eiiiit why so digress. Valid email address required because then you have to do the activation. Activation link will be sent to your email.
• Language Writing Blog, Choose the language in accordance with the blog that you want to manage. If your blog will be filled with English, justchoose the English language.
• Continue to pull down and there is a Blog Create button.
4. A success. Please check your email for activation. Prior to activation, then you can not do blogging. Open the email from wordpress in your inbox. There is a link for activation please click the Activate button Blog. God willing, as shown below:

Well taken care of the maker of your blog. Just how to fill it with your articles are good quality. How do I post articles, how to choose wordpress themes, how to menampilka widgets at side bar, I'll see you at another time and opportunity. May God continue to give health to me. Amien.

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Blogspot | 5 quick steps created a blog on blogspot [dot] com

How to create a blog on blogspot [Dot] Com: In this post I'll make a guide how to create a blog that is hosted by blogger.com. May be you've heard the term blog or webblog right? blogs are not much different from the website, which distinguishes if the website is just a site that provides information for visitors in one direction, while the webblog blog or provide information in both directions, so the visitors can comment on the article presented by a blog administrator. Also create and manage blogs are also

much easier than on the website. Oh yes another term blog is a CMS, which stands for Content Management System.

Meanwhile, people who have blogs are called

bloggers There are two free blog services that are often used by bloggers to blog, that is blogspot (bloger.com) and wordpress. But this time to be discussed is a guide how to create a blog with blogspot (blogger) first. for you who want to know how to create a blog in wordpress please click here Okay, without much small talk again please read the steps below to create a blog is yes ...

1. All you have to prepare and shall before making or make a blog on blogspot (blogger) is to have the email first. This email will be used to register the first time. if it can not or do not make email read here (click here) , you can learn how to create an email there. Take it easy do not rush. Read this guide first until exhausted,

and then practiced. okay

2. If you are composing an email, go to

www.blogger.com address, and make sure that appears below is a page, click the orange button labeled Start, to start registering.

3. Then complete the registration form such blogspot blog creation in the image below. picture above is an example, to adjust it with the data, you have in column

e-mail address: Enter your email

re-type the email address: enter the same email again as above

input a password: enter the keyword (at least 8

characters, letters can be numbers)

typing reset your password: enter password again which you have input the same as above

Display name: fill in your name or your alias name (this will appear along with the posts, articles that you create later)

Verification: insert picture word contained in the above column. in the picture above I have included an example of

filling if it is filled with all the orange and then click the arrow button (Continue)

4. after you click continue, then will show a page form to complete the blog title and blog address Fill in the blog title and blog address in accordance with your wishes, if the blog address to use two words or more use the sign (-). because blogspot can not use spaces. note the example of filling the picture above sometimes we write the blog address has been used by someone else, if it used another person means can not be used. To find others already in use or not Just click the button "check availability" if you have not used other people, then below it will appear in green text that reads this blog address is available if it has been completed to determine the title and address of the blog, please click the continue button

5. Once you click continue, then will show a page to determine the theme or template of your blog, like the image below. To select a template just click one. then click the proceed button. Having clicked the Continue button at the top, it means

that your blog is so, it's just that there is no article at all. To give the article the first time, please click the Start button Blogging as shown below.

6. After you click on the button will appear later started blogging page article charging. images shown below are articles that have been filling

pages accompanied by an example. Column headings for the title of the article, the width of

the column beneath it to write articles or posts, and column labels for fill type kategory article. if you've filled all, press the menu ENTRY publish, after which it will appear a notice that says that you have managed to publish a post or an article like the image below. To see an article that you created earlier work please click on the View Entries. Display articles on your blog will look like the image below. Now that your blog has been created with one artkel. Notice the top right hand corner of the page is circled.

the new entry to write a new article, the design to determine or control design, while the exit button to log out, if it is after posting an article or after setting up your blog.

7. if one day you want to post a new article again, you do not need to register again ...

just open www.blogger.com and enter the email, and password you, then click the "enter", so you will d bring to the blogspot dashboard menu, Display Dasrboard bloggers you'll look like the picture below, through a dashboard page you can edit, make a post, or manage your blog settings. Some time ago, to be able to use the blogger in full, we must verify your account by clicking the verification link of Blogger.com email sent to us, but is now no longer.

So we can use the full blogger account verisikasi

WITHOUT hassle. 8. Oh yes, if you already have an email in Gmail. You do not need to register from the beginning ...

You can directly enter the gmail email address and your password, then click the login button. if using email from Gmail, you do not need to enter

passwords and other email or capta ... just enter the code again only display name The next steps are the same as above ....

got here first post about the steps to create a blog on blogspot, hopefully pretty easy to understand, if less understood apologize, and can write any comments below if you have any questions and suggestions.

Thank you. and good luck



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Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik Di Indonesia, Klik saja!

How to create a blog on blogspot [Dot] Com: Pingen punya notebook tipis? tapi budget yang dimiliki terbatas. Lihat disini agar anda bisa memiliki notebook berjenis ultrabook yang mipis dengan harga miring namun memiliki kualitas terbaik di indonesia.

Tahukah anda ditahun 2012 "acer ultrabook" menempati urutan teratas untuk minat pencarian di google, hal ini tentunya juga berbarengan dengan minat beli pada produk tersebut.

Dengan harga ultrabook yang murah serta didukung dengan fitur terbarunya, "acer s3 ultrabook" berhasil mengalahkan nilai penjualan "ultrabook asus", karena harga murah yang dimilikinya.

Meskipun demikian "aspire s3 ultrabook" memang bukan tandingan biasa bagi jenis notebook lainnya dalam hal kualitas.

selain acer s3, acer aspire s3 juga mengalami kenaikan drastis dipasaran

ultrabook murah yang ada di daerah DKI Jakarta, Jawa Barat, dan Jawa Timur.

Bermodal kromatografi lapis tipis memang membuat ultrabook selarisbaju tipis.

Walaupun kromatografi notebook tipis tersebut ditandingi oleh varian

laptop tipis maka dalam hal penjualan tetap menguasai pangsa pasar di Jawa Barat,Timur dan Tengah.

Dengan notebook tipis ini kita bisa menikmati lagu terbaik yang kita miliki, tanpa khawatir loadingnya menjadi lambat, karena ultrabook memang memiliki software berkualitas.

Anda juga mudah memasang antivirus terbaik anda, tanpa perlu khawatir laptop kehabisan memory, walaupun dimainkan bersama game terbaikmu

Jika bandingkan dengan jenis ponsel sebagaimana android, ultra notebook teptap bisa disejajarkan sebagai pemain terbaik

Aplikasi yang dimilikinya sudah melebihi dari keperluan sebagai notebook tipis. tak bisa dibandingkan dengan hp terbaik yang bayak di pakai oleh mahasiswa di universitas terbaik yang ada di Indonesia sekalipun.

Saya sendiri sebagai orang yang suka mengoleksiaplikasi terbaik bertipe game android terbaik pun ternyata harus menahan diri, dan mengumpulkan uang dulu, siapa tau bisa beli notebook dari ultrabook ini.

Kalau sudah beli maka aku akan cari dan instal browser terbaik versi desktop biar bisa menjadi pemain terbaik 2012 dalam ngeblog dan meinggalkan fitur browser aplikasi android ditengah jalan sambil mendendangkan lagu lama "lirik jalan terbaik" dan pulang ke Lampung dengan bangga. Hehe.

Kayaknya terlalu banyak ngelantur nih, langsung kembali ke laptop :) dan promosi

"harga notebook dari ultrabook memang murah, banyak pembeli yang berasal dari jakarta memakai notebook jenis ini, karena itu pilihlah ultrabook jika anda ingin memiliki laptop tipis setipis notebook acer dan hp notebook ataupunasus notebook"

"notebook tipis" adalah pilihan terbaikku disamping laptop dell yang memiliki harddisk berkapasitas besar.

hardisk notebook ultrabook juga demikian, sungguh besar, harganya murah sebanding dengan

harga notebook dell
sebagainotebook terbaik 2011

Cobalah beli dan bandingkan harga

tablet asus eee pc
atau dengan harga laptop acer, maka harga notebook murah yang ditawarkan ultra notebook.

Demikian artikel ini semoga tidak dianggap spam lagi karena di copas oleh blogger yang pakai blog dummy, kayak kemaren. Hehe

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